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02 April 2010
03 July 2007
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18 June 2007
03 June 2007
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30 May 2007
霹靂中華工商百周年紀會商展暨MIFB 2007 TRADE FAIR
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簡介 Introduction

    益達興素食品廠(馬)有限公司成立於一九九三年成立於好山好水的山城—怡保市,是國內主要生產素食冷凍加工產品,主要產品類別涵蓋:大豆纖維、香菇、蒟蒻、豆包、加熱即食類等系列產品。本公司自成立以來,經營團隊秉持著「服務至上、品質第一」之信念,融合不同的種族、不同的客戶層次的需求,嚴選100%素材,創新產品,並提供高品質之產品,以建立彼此信賴、雙贏的伙伴關係。而本公司更於2004年領先其他同業,正式投入高品質素肉(Textured Vegetable Protein, T.V.P.)之生產,以提供國內、外素食及肉品加工廠加工所需,並提供一般大眾家庭料理所需。

Yi Dah Xing Vegetarian Food Factory (M) Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1993 at Ipoh, Perak. Our company is one of the largest frozen vegetarian food manufacturers in Malaysia. The main products of the company are T.V.P (textured vegetable protein), Konjaku, “Duo Bao” and Mushroom series. Since Yi Dah Xing was established, the management team has followed the concept of “Best service, Top quality” to satisfy the needs of different ethnic groups of customers by choosing 100% vegetarian raw materials to provide high quality products through continuous R&D. Hence, we built trustworthy and win-win relationships with our customers.In 2004, Yi Dah Xing took a step ahead of other companies in the industry by producing T.V.P to meet the demands of local and foreign vegetarian and meat processing factories as well as general families.

素肉 Textured Vegetable Protein (T.V.P.)


T.V.P, as the name suggested, is vegetable protein that is texturised through high pressured compressing, kneading and multi-stage heating reactions. This process reconstitutes and rearranges the vegetable protein and fiber which then expands and cooled to form various shapes such as diced, flaked, stripped, stringy and cubed. The main ingredients of our T.V.P are Non-GMO isolated soy protein, wheat protein, ORGANIC peanut protein and other vegetable protein with addition of edible fiber and starch. As a result, the characters of T.V.P are to have high vegetable protein, high fiber, low fat and no cholesterol. In addition, the structure of T.V.P becomes hair- silky like after soaked in the water, which is similar to the structure of meat. Hence, T.V.P is the best substitute for meat lovers and is most suitable for healthy home cooking and food processing.

信念 Belief

    推廣優質的健康素食 乃本公司十餘年持續努力的方針,回顧十多年前,國內茹素人口很少,生產製造商也是曲指可數,而現今國內茹素漸漸蔚為風尚,已不再是茹素者的專利,更跳脫「香菇、麵筋」素食的窠臼,溶入不同的素材(素肉、蒟蒻、植物蛋白、膳食纖維、酵素等),以更健康、更具活力的樣態,呈現給每個家庭、每一個人。本公司經營團隊更堅信「創新、服務、品質」的信念,針對客戶需求創新生產技術,嚴選100%素材,生產更優質的產品,與大家共享成長與健康的喜悅。

Promoting high quality healthy vegetarian food is our company’s principle over the last decade.  More than ten years ago, there were not many vegetarians and vegetarian food manufacturers in Malaysia. On the contrary, there is an increasing number of vegetarians as vegetarian diet is becoming a trend to a healthier living. We, as a vegetarian manufacturer, are working beyond the limit of mushroom and gluten to produce vegetarian foods that even suits meat lovers’ taste buds by using ingredients such as T.V.P., konjaku, edible fibre, yeast etc. Hence, vegetarian foods are now presented as a healthier choice and healthier lifestyle to everyone. The company’s management team believes strongly in the concept of “Innovation, Service and Quality,” which enables us to innovate new production techniques to satisfy customers’ needs, while using 100% vegetarian ingredients to make high quality products. It is also very important to share our growth and happiness with everyone.

Lot 115629, Jalan Zarib 2 Zarib Indutrial Park, 31500 Lahat, Perak, Malaysia
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